About My Collection

So this is my Wisconsin Town and Type Precancel Collection. For the uninitiated, assembling a Town and Type collection means that I'm collecting one stamp (of any issue or denomination) for each town in Wisconsin that produced precancels and, for each of those towns, a stamp that shows each type (style, font) of precancel created over the years for that town.

In some cases, this means I'll only have one stamp in total for a given town. For other towns, there will be several, as the post office there changed the device it used for precanceling over the years. "Town" may refer to a village, town, or city, but not a township. (That said, what you sometimes colloquially call a town is really a village or city. Technically, town should be used to designate a township that contains cities and villages and such. At least, this is true for Wisconsin.)

Each post in this blog - if you can call it that - shows all the types (that I own) for one town. I've added a few fun (possibly) facts for each town. This usually includes items about its location within Wisconsin, so you can find it on a map (or in your head) more easily, as well as historical information - in particular, how the town got its name, if the information is still available.

If you have precancels from Wisconsin towns that you don't see in my collection and are willing to sell them, I'm very likely willing to buy them from you. You can contact me by using this address: gsonnenberg at pm dot me. (I realize that's not a normal looking address, but it is correct.)

Also, if you have any additional information about any of these towns or see a correction that should be made, let me know about that too.